Tooth Extractions

Reasons for Extractions:

  • Infection: If tooth decay and bacteria has reached to the pulp and can not be saved with root canal therapy, it must be removed. Anti-biotics will be prescribed to prevent the infection from spreading any further.
  • Decay: If tooth has been severely damaged by decay that there’s hardly any tooth left above the bone and can not be saved with a crown, it needs to be removed. Antibiotics may be prescribed if there’s existing infection.
  • Wisdom Teeth: If wisdom tooth is impacted, pushes on other teeth and causes excruciating pain, it should be removed. Some wisdom teeth that grow in partially or misaligned can also cause cavities and infect the teeth next to it. If unable to clean the tooth well, we suggest it to be removed.
  • Baby Teeth: If baby tooth is too damaged or severely decayed, extraction may be necessary to save gum health and eliminate pain. Space maintainer may be placed to hold the teeth in place, only if the permanent tooth is not due to come in for awhile.
    Some children don’t like to wiggle their tooth. By leaving the baby tooth there, the gums may become infected if unable to clean well so they may need our help to remove the tooth.
  • Crowding: For orthodontic treatment, teeth may be requested for removal.

We understand how nerve wracking it is. Our staff is very kind and gentle and will work hard for your comfort. Please give us a call if you have additional questions

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